Perler Bead Bracelets

Quick little blog post today!

So last night we did one of the kids’ favorite crafts to date.

Not at all surprisingly, their favorite part was submerging their hands into the container of beads.

15 minutes later, we got started on the actual craft. I saw this idea here at Red Tart Art and knew it had to be added to our Summer Fun List. After the kidlets decided on their designs and got it all assembled

…we got them all nice and melty.

AS SOON as I took the iron off, I picked them up with a potholder and wrapped them around a cup so they would fit around my little ones’ wrists.

I held it there until it was completely cool and, voila! Perler bead bracelets!

If I ever make it to Hobby Lobby for some elastic thread, they may even get to wear them!

We have 11,000 of these beads to use up, not including the glow in the dark variety, so my eyes are open for any other awesome Perler bead craftiness.

~ H


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