Not Your Ordinary Legos

Today we finally started our fun-filled summer. And by finally, I mean finally, y’all. Having two crazy children around each other for 3 days straight had me actually looking forward to Monday! As much as I love having our family all together, there is a such thing as too much togetherness. I’m pretty sure I heard “I’m bored” about 83 times just this weekend. So early this morning I busted out our “Summer Schedule” and the “Summer Fun List”, packed the kids up, and headed out to the Children’s Museum. Now that the kids are older, they can do everything at that place and it. was. awesome. There was climbing, there was inventing, there was crafting, and there were tons and tons of smiles! So after 4 exhausting fun hours, we ate lunch and spent the next hour in traffic. We finally arrived home, had reading and rest time, and it was time to start our educational activities for the day! About 6 months ago I ordered these books on sale from Amazon. The kids love them and I love that they include academic activities as well as moral lessons for the week and a physical activity to complete each day.



Along with the books, the teacher in me came out and we did a few fun learning activities. My son’s favorite was the uppercase/lowercase lego-match-up.

IMG_9613 IMG_9601

His favorite thing in the whole wide world right now is Legos. He got 11 sets for his birthday a few weekends ago, and despite the lovely Lego tray I made for him, not a day goes by that I don’t have a Green Lantern figurine or miniature Star Wars light saber embedded in my foot at some point in the day. My daughter’s favorite was Uno Flip with addition and subtraction math facts.

IMG_9590 IMG_9591

Is she cute or is she cute?? “One, Two, Three, FLIP!” was her motto. And when we got to the subtraction facts she was sure to point out that there was no way to subtract the larger numbers from the smaller numbers unless I wanted her to use negative numbers. Well ok then, second grader!


Up tomorrow is a FREE summer movie and hanging with some friends! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not really sure how I feel about The BoxTrolls. Pretty sure I’m going with creepy.

~ H


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